CCC's extensive knowledge of the full MedSeries4® product line makes us uniquely qualified to meet your installation, consulting and training needs. We’re better able to perform detailed reviews and system evaluations to ensure you’re receiving a well-integrated solution. We can enhance your file maintenance, identify system inefficiencies and determine additional features that can maximize productivity and increase benefits.

Implementation Services

Migration to a new software system is a challenging endeavor for hospital management and department personnel. CCC offers numerous implementation support services designed to minimize the impact on the facility’s infrastructure while optimizing the technological benefits for your facility.

System Implementation

CCC offers our customers comprehensive project implementation solutions, including project management, conversion and interface design to incorporate each aspect of the implementation life-cycle through activation. CCC offers implementation services in all of the following areas:

  • Project management, including development of project plan

  • Foreign system data mapping

  • Conversion planning and execution

  • Key user application training

  • End user functional training

  • Integrated testing scripting and execution

  • Policy and procedure development

  • Departmental process and workflow analysis

  • Document design and printing analysis

  • Third party interface integration

  • Activation and post-live support and evaluation

Application Installations

Understanding how to incorporate and optimize a new MedSeries4® module within your existing application suite is essential to achieve success. CCC can assist you in maximizing your investment by providing consulting services in each required area:

  • Application functional and file maintenance training

  • Testing support and issue related resolution

  • Cross application integration and dependency

  • Business practice improvement

  • Activation and post-live support and evaluation

Application Training

CCC offers on-site, web training and classroom training at our facility, upon request. We quickly and accurately evaluate staff proficiency and provide easy-to-follow instructions on how to improve application use, from introductory to advanced levels. For more information on our training services, please contact us.

Data Stream

HIPAA Data Stream formats can be challenging and confusing to implement. CCC can assist you in overcoming the difficulties surrounding implementation of the ANSI 837 Data Stream format to successfully submit institutional and professional claims, as well as receive and post remittances using the ANSI 835 format. Our consultants will assist you in identification of vendor specific requirements, file maintenance dependencies, and the creation and submission of test files in order to achieve increased accuracy of claim submission, resulting in more timely payments.

Release Upgrades

Utilizing our remediation and installation tools, CCC has developed a proven upgrade methodology to assist customers in the implementation of MS4 regulatory and bundled releases. Our process can be customized to meet your specific requirements, including the creation of a test environment, installation of application releases, remediation analysis and coding, user training, process review, testing and production support. CCC’s unique approach to software release installation will minimize the impact on your facility by allowing numerous releases to be applied during a single downtime.


We have developed many reliable interfaces between MedSeries4® applications and other financial, clinical, reporting and coding products. Seamless results are largely due to our vast experience with HL7 standards and the Cerner OPENLink™ interface engine. We are also proficient working with multiple other interface engines.