IBM System i® and Programming Training

We offer a wide variety of training opportunities for your operations, analytical and technical staff. From introductory to advanced levels, training can be held at your location or CCC’s Michigan office, including:

  • Introduction for Programmers

  • RPG IV for new RPG Programmers

  • CL Programming

  • RPG IV Interactive Programming

  • Structured Query Language (SQL)

  • IBM® Query/400 and DB2® Web Query

  • RPG/IV Free-Form and ILE

  • System i® Basic System Operation

  • System i® Advanced System Operations

  • System i® to PC Connectivity

IBM WebSphere® and MedSeries4® Web-based Applications

CCC has both the technical and consulting staff to assist you in the installation and configuration of the IBM WebSphere®, MS4Web, Clinical Suite, WebConnect Financial Management (QuickView,CART), and Employee Kiosk software. We also have experienced resources available to Webface your facility's customized screens to work properly in the MS4 Web environment and to train your IT staff in Webfacing.

Systems Optimization

CCC can assist you in System i® operating system upgrades, day-end processing analysis and purging of old data. By conducting an operations performance analysis, we can recommend solutions to maximize the performance of your System i® and assist you in completing the necessary steps for success.

Disaster Recovery Planning

In the case of an emergency, CCC provides disaster recovery assessment and planning services tailored to System i®, MedSeries4® operations and HIPAA requirements. We provide you with solutions that minimize your downtime and allow for quicker recovery of operations. We also work with multiple High Availability solutions - contact us for details.