Technical Support

technical supportWe get it, not everyone has the technical ability for custom programming. That’s why our consulting staff is your perfect solution to navigate all technical programming demands your organization needs.

Maybe your department needs a basic foundational training for setting up software platforms correctly. CCC has got you covered. Or maybe the Day End/Month End process is too time-consuming and limiting your personnel resources for other pressing issues. CCC can help create an automated process for optimal results.

Is your IT staff constrained for time with monitoring all system processes? Let CCC intertwine with your personnel to support daily messages and alerts IBM i® delivers with any data that needs to be reported to your key point people.

Do you have a new Web-based application that needs to be installed properly? We can help install and configure the appropriate application with proper setup and training. Need to retrieve and store historical data after any system changes? CCC has that covered for you as well. Let us set up a proper archive solution for all your critical data.

We have the confidence and expert experience to deliver any and all technical support your organization requires to operate efficiently.