Finding it difficult and time consuming to keep your master files and menus in sync between environments? CCC has developed a set of tools to simplify your synchronization efforts. We also have tools that will audit your MS4 menu security and provide tracking of user access to menu options. 

File Compare 

Analyzing data can be quite time consuming and often lead to human error. Let the experts at CCC use our tools to help compare and analyze data for your organization. File Compare works across multiple IBM i® machines, LPARS and environments to give a detailed listing of differences between fields and records. Whether your master files or specific data elements need to be compared, our File Compare Tool will analyze it properly. Our tool can be used for different IP addresses as well as between various environments, such as from production to test and vice versa. It’s imperative your data systems are always in sync. Let CCC do the comparing to manage your system.  

Menu Compare 

Synchronize menus between two or more Cerner MedSeries4® environments. Our selection parameters will allow for a quick, easy comparison of MS4 menus in different environments, even if the environments are on different IBM i® systems or LPARS. 

Menu Trace 

Identifies all authorizations to access menus. This will allow you to monitor MedSeries4® menu security and identify potential security issues. 

Menu Use Tracking 

Records and stores every menu option accessed by users. This allows analysis of menu option utilization for each individual profile to ensure system security.