Environment Create/Data Population

Environment Create/Data Population 

Implementation projects take time. At CCC, we created simple and easy to use tools which helps speed up the data population process. This frees up more time during the project to analyze and verify the data instead of inputting data manually. Our Environment Create/Data Population tools are also designed to help MedSeries4® users easily create, populate and maintain alternate environments.

Features and Benefits

  • Selectively populate additional environments to conserve valuable disk space
  • Refresh secondary environment data quickly
  • Refresh test or training environments with master file updates only

Environment Create Tool 

  • Simplifies the duplication of environments
  • Permits all, none or specific files to be copied with or without data
  • Automated process is driven by file maintenance and verifies system storage prior to execution
  • Customize the process by inserting user-specified programs that can be executed before or after individual files, libraries, or the entire environment creation.

Data Population Tool

  • Allow users of MedSeries4® applications to select accounts from one environment to populate a secondary environment
  • Control which accounts are loaded to alternative environments with data access tools, such as IBM i Query® or IBM i DFU®
  • Load accounts to the Data Populate work file to populate test or train environments
  • Built-in protection feature ensures production environments are not inadvertently updated

CCC offers on-site or off-site support services to assist you in the establishment and population of your secondary environment(s). Our Data Scrambler, Compare Menu, and Search and Replace Tools are perfect complements to the Environment Create/Data Population Tool kit.

Simplify the set-up of your test or train system.
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