Job Description Creation

Job Description Creation 

CCC’s Job Description tools are designed to allow users maximum flexibility in tracking and maintaining job descriptions. Each tool can be set up as a command in the CCC Job Description Menu, entered from the command entry line, or added to your existing application menus.

Features and Benefits

  • Modify library lists with minimum effort
  • Eliminates the need to create or maintain hard-coded library list CL programs
  • Library list commands in menu drivers and programs are no longer necessary
  • Utilization of the tools helps prevent program interruption resulting from invalid libraries
  • Reduces the amount of time required to establish library lists for additional environments

Validate Job Descriptions

Searches specific job descriptions to identify and provide a listing of invalid libraries, job queues and output queues.

Print Job Descriptions

Provides a listing of job descriptions containing one or more libraries, job queues, or output queues plus identifies descriptions that do not contain libraries, job queues or output queues.

Change Job Description Library List

Modifies one or more job description library lists with a single command. Offers flexibility to add new entries, remove unwanted or invalid libraries and replace existing libraries with a new library name.

Replace Job Description Library List

Allows users to replace the library list for a current job description with an alternate list. The new library list can be set for a specific process or command then reset to the original library list or can remain in effect for the remainder of the session.

CCC can provide consulting services to help integrate Job Description Management tools into the operations of your current IBM i® system to maximize productivity.

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