Electronic Storage Corporation – LaserVault Software

Partnership with LaserVault Software

In a world full of technology and data loss prevention, we at CCC understand the utmost importance of backing up crucial data on your system. The virtual backup capability provided by our partners at LaserVault, offers a seamless solution for your MedSeries4® retention requirements.

LaserVault provides backups for your IBM i® system through the means of a virtual disk-to-disk solution (via a TCP/IP connection) to a Windows-based backup server. All of your required backups can be copied offsite and also restored as needed.  Whether your team needs to restore from a full back up or by individual objects, LaserVault provides the capability to complete your specific need.

LaserVault assists with the software setup on the external server and the IBM i®.  CCC will provide the modifications needed to insert the LaserVault save commands into any MedSeries4® or custom program.

If you’re considering a virtual backup solution please contact us for more information.  We will review your current backup strategy and see how implementing LaserVault’s Backup product will help automate your process.