Partnership with HelpSystems

At CCC, we understand that no one can be in two places at once. Your IT personnel need to continue to provide a high level of service to your organization as well as monitor your system’s performance. When utilizing an automated performance monitoring system, such as HelpSystems’ Halcyon product, your company not only thrives in superior operational functionality, it also reduces cost by streamlining human capital expenditures and limiting the number of resources that your organization needs to efficiently operate.

Software Monitoring with HelpSystems provides automated supervising for any system issues with either hardware and/or software concerns.

System Monitoring examples may include the following:

    • Save routines including daily and monthly monitoring
    • Subsystems
    • WebSphere and HTTP Servers
    • Monitoring job queue and message queues
    • Storage and spool file sizes
    • Backups, journals, and triggers

If you’re considering an automated monitoring solution, please contact us to set up a thorough company consultation.