Data Consolidation and Conversions/MPI Data Assessment

Data Consolidation and Conversions

As with any system, there will be key files that need to be 100% accurate for a successful implementation. MedSeries4® Master Files are those key files. We have master file conversion tools that help enable you to restructure or redefine MedSeries4® master files and incorporate the new definitions into your database. System conversions are the best time to restructure the system files if needed. Our data conversion tools allow you to implement new numbering schemes for key identification fields such as medical record number and employee ID.

At CCC we also include in-depth verification programs and pre-processing routines to validate files and data prior to the actual conversions. Two environments exist in MedSeries4®, test and production. These environments provide the ability to work in an update or non-update mode in either option.

Our expert staff will assist you in all phases of the conversion process. We will provide you with a detailed project plan identifying all conversion activities including CCC and client responsibilities for testing, validation and support.

  • Carrier Consolidation
    Create new carriers, consolidate duplicate carriers and eliminate carrier codes that are no longer applicable. Restructure the Carrier Master and dependent master files to meet corporate or facility standardization requirements and to utilize plan number options in the Reimbursement Management module, if applicable.