System Integration

System Integration

Project Management Services

Systems integration projects are time consuming. We can ease the burden of managing these projects and save you time and money by:

  • Providing guidance on your integration strategy and technical design
  • Performing your MedSeries4 and OPENLink technical setup
  • Managing the testing with the participating vendors and keeping them on schedule
  • Providing logistical and technical support during the go-live process

Extension of Interface Capabilities

The MedSeries4 HL7 interface is designed to be highly customizable using exit programs. We can add any additional capabilities you need…without changing source code. Some common examples:

  • Enabling MedSeries4 to accept and transmit physician NPI numbers on ADT interfaces
  • Converting CPT codes to charge codes on inbound charge interfaces
  • Limiting the demographic data elements updated by inbound ADT interfaces

Enhanced Error Reporting and Notification

Waiting for a phone call to hear about missing data and then sifting through error logs is no way to manage interface errors. We provide notification services that send you secure, real-time, error reports with all the information you need to diagnose the problem, so you can get things running before problems start compounding.

We also provide interactive searchable, sortable, web-based aggregated error reporting to make it easier to reconcile charges sent to MedSeries4 and identify problem trends in ADT sent to MedSeries4.

Technical Support

We provide technical support for existing interfaces, as well as new interface setup for the MedSeries4 HL7 Interface as well as OPENLink.


  • Have worked on the MedSeries4 HL7 Interface and OPENLink products since their inception
  • Have worked with every major HIT vendor over the last 20 years
  • 100% referenceable customer base